Who wants their music heard by Goodie Mob?

Who wants their music heard by Goodie Mob? Tonight Rap legend Khujo Goodie will be in the building listening to your music !!!

Here's the link for tonights show, after you send your music, come back and watch the show!

Tonight Goodie Mob's Khujo Goodie will be in the building with Tru, Sauce and Yonni turning up to your new music on Drop it or Stop it !!! Submit your new heat now !! We have a ton of submissions already, so remember you can lock in your slot for the night , or skip the line by sending a Superchat or Cashapp. As a reminder, you do not have to pay to have your music played. Visit to send your music free NOW! Your song could make it into our rotation! If you've already submitted, make sure you TUNE IN. The show starts at 9 pm, the request time is 10 pm and the super chat time is 11 pm. We have a new interactive website and new playlists, find out how you can get featured on our site and promoted on all of our social media for only $49.99. 470-444-6790. SMASH 97.7 FM Smash 97.7's #Dropitorstopit is a hip hop & Rnb Review show, which has helped many artist connect, grow and build their sound. Atlanta musician , Tru Wealth aka Alex Wealth , has accoladed guests come to help artists, offer feedback and connect intimately with fans and aspiring musical artists giving them live reviews of their music and advice for artist development. Some of the guests to appear are platinum musical artist/producer King James Worthy, platinum engineer/producer Peezy Mane, Khujo Goodie , Mr Macnificent74 , Mykko Montana A&R Ziggy Cook and more. Drop it or stop it has received over 30,000 submissions world wide, and major artists including platinum International reggae artist Mr Vegas has sent his music to be tested. Drop it or stop it has since become a great place for A&R's to find new developing talent, Producers to get new clients, and upcoming artists connect with other artists and get features and placements. Each and Every Monday! #newmusicmonday Get your music tested LIVE and reviewed by industry professionals and average CONSUMERS! If you get selected to DROP , your music will be in rotation and in our DJs Nightclub sets ! SUBMIT NOW !!


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