Happy new year! Send your new single !!!

Happy new year from smash977

New year new music , it’s the first quarter so it’s time to drop all that fire music you’ve been working on !! Before you do, make sure it’s a drop!!!

Send in your single now, we’ll play it tonight if you get it in soon enough .

Don’t forget, you don’t have to wait for your song to get played and wonder all night when it’s playing you can SKIP THE LINE !

Just send a cash app ($20) to $smash977atl and get played first.

Remember if we like your music it will be added into our rotation at smash977.Com

And sent to our Djs.

If we don’t like it , it’s still a win win because you got a bds spin and hundreds of YouTube viewers, so just send another song. Not every song is a hit, but you got what it takes RIGHT?

head over to the submit page , send your song now and tap back in here for the show tonight at 9pm #dropitorstopit Here’s the link to tonight’s show

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