Drop It Or Stop It Airs at 9pm EST. Tap in here to watch it live !

DON'T forget to SKIP THE LINE!! ... If you notice its getting late and we haven't played your song skip skip skip.... If you just want to go first... skip skip skip... If you want to steal the show... SKIP SKIP SKIP.

We have a bunch of new stuff in store for you guys, now every month, the person with the most drops in that month will receive a GOAT Award 🐐. A beautiful handmade plaque for your wall to start your collection of plaques and awards you’ll win throughout your career. We encourage you to keep sending in your new music, keep working, keep pushing.

Also to commemorate the launch of our new clothing line Wealthy Not Rich co, @igotwealth

We’re giving away a free T-shirt every on show! When you support us by sending a super chat or Cashapp to play your song or skip the line, you’ll be entered into a raffle and given a ticket, the more you support, the more chances you have to win. We’ll pick the winner from the bowl at the end of the show and the winner will get to choose their design. Check out Wealthy Not Rich co, if you see something you like, and you want to buy, you can purchase it on the website or DM them.

We have 26 designs and all types of color variations to choose from. As a reminder, you do not have to pay to have your music played.

#dropitorstopit #raffle all super chats get a raffle ticket.

The winner will be announced at the end of each show !!

@wealthent @iamtruwealth @shaunja.c

Visit to send your music free NOW! Your song could make it into our rotation! If you've already submitted, make sure you TUNE IN. The show starts at 9 pm, the request time is 10 pm and the super chat time is 11 pm. We have a new interactive website and new playlists, find out how you can get featured on our site and promoted on all of our social media for only $49.99. 470-444-6790. SMASH 97.7 FM

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