Are All Tour Friends Lying To You? Submit Your Track Now And Find Out

Get Serious About Your Craft. Submit Your New Tracks Now !!


Showtime is 9pm EST! Time to reach your potential, time to get to work. Is your music ready to drop? Are your songs worth putting money behind? Send your new song to us and let us give our honest unbiased opinion.

Since we play your music on the radio, YouTube, and Instagram, it's a win-win if we love the song it will be added to our rotation and given to our growing team of DJs. If we don’t like the music, you just got a ton of streams plus a BDS spin just by us playing your song one time.

If you send your song and you don’t want to wait for your song to be played in the order received, you may skip the line and we’ll stop the show, shout you out and play

your song right away. Just send a cash app of ($20) to $smash977atl

Be sure to write the artist name and song title In the message box as well as your social media for a shoutout. Submit your music now

Here's the link for tonights show, after you send your music, come back and watch the show!


Here's a few reasons you should send your music right NOW :

  • it's FREE.

  • It's FREE FREE

  • You can send as many songs as you want

  • We can play 3 of your songs or beats in the rotation.

  • You'll make money when we play it on youtube, as well as on the radio station if you get DROPPED, even if you get STOPPED, you get paid... It's a win-win.

So what are you waiting for? Submit Now!


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