Origin: Boston

Genre: Hip-Hop / R&B

Years Active: 2012 - Present

Label: omw

Born in Roxbury, the Black Neighborhood of Boston, Ma. Kaasim was destined for greatness. His Family owned a Record Store where he was already around the top artist of the 90's and Label since a baby. A Popular kid in Boston Kaasim realized he had to relocate to Atlanta to become one of the top RnB Artist in the Industry. Kaasim has the ability to write poetry in motion and brings his unique taste of combining a 90's RNB sound with the current sound of RNB, to really create his own sound. If you listen to his song "Fantasy" in 2009 you can see how it still sounds current. Kaasim is the current and the Future of RNB. Kaasim was raised in the hood of Roxbury escaping the crime, drugs, and violence also while being a part of Black History in Boston his Family Business that was an essential part of the Black Community in the Early 90's-00's "A Nubian Notion" was honored when the City of Boston renamed the "Racist" Family name "Dudley" Station to "Nubian Square". Kaasim is part of History and his music has always been innovate and creative. This is just what the industry is missing and needs a fresh young face with talent and another RnB Talent to help bring RnB back. He also is a Songwriter/Producer, someone who wants to push RnB and make it just as competitive as Rap. If you're a Fan of music you should be a Fan of Kaasim.