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Specialties | bio :

Dj Imnit, born February 22nd, 1995 grew up in the southside of chicago was heavily influenced to be a dj by listening to trap music and also looking to find a way out of the gun violence & crime in chicago. This drove him to start hosting compilation mixtapes & building a better image for his label #IMNIT and putting on for his city. 

Since 2013, Dj Imnit has worked with and paved a way for a numerous amount of mainstream & indie artist by breaking records, creating performance opportunities for artist, & hosting artist mixtapes . Over the years he has gained an ample amount of his motivation to elevate his career to an even higher level from musical Idols & mentors that he listened to growing up & also met on his journey such as Dj Swampizzo, DrummaBoyFresh, Tampamystic, Zaytoven, KapG, ToneTheGoat, Rapjuggernaut, BiggaRankin & Many More !!!  

Now leading into 2020, Dj Imnit is now focusing on bringing trap back hosting mixtapes & his engineering/producer career. He believes that “you aren’t a real dj until you’ve produced billboard records” so he’s manifesting  the producing aspect of his career & seeing what blessings & knowledge the journey that a real dj/producer entails.

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